IFC Reloads Family Caregiver Class

In partnership with Durham Technical Community College, IFC is again offering its popular Family Caregiver Education & Support class starting on October 6 and continuing through October 27, 2021. The class is open to all. To register go to: www.durhamtech.edu/family-caregiver. The class covers important caregiving challenges including how to prepare for the role, navigating the healthcare system, protecting job and finances, and safeguarding the caregiver’s own health and wellness.

Actual quotes from August class participants:

• “Hope that class will be offered on an ongoing basis to allow more people to take advantage of this information.”

• “The quality of the course is excellent. HR should offer a course similar to this during open enrollment to get employees to really think about familial healthcare needs and planning ahead for long- term care.”

• “Useful information delivered in a very open, inclusive classroom environment.”

• “great course. loved it. love the instructors!”