A Voice for the Family Caregiver

The Empowered Caregiver is by, about, and for family caregivers. Family caregivers are vital to health care. They have a unique experience and a unique perspective. They require a unique voice. While family caregivers provide the bulk of care in our health care system, relatively little information about caregiving comes from family caregivers themselves. Family caregivers lack a clear voice in the health care discussion. 


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50 Pro Tips for Family Caregivers

Vision: Make home care by family members informed, safe, and effective.

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A reflective and insightful account of Willetha's 20+ year experience as a caregiver for an aging parent.    Read More...

The Empowered Caregiver was created to help address this void, offering perceptions, insights, ideas, and innovations generated by hands-on caregivers. Empowering and fully integrating family caregivers into the evolving system of health care delivery is one sure way to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve health care outcomes.




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