Updated: Sep 21, 2018

You are a family caregiver. You are taking care of someone. . .a spouse, a parent, a disabled relative, a friend. It doesn’t matter. What matters is why you do it. You do it for love.

Caregiving is a job, but family caregivers don’t seek payment in money. We are paid in gratitude, in appreciation, in the satisfaction of doing something that has to be done, and doing it well, with kindness and devotion. Our compensation is in knowing that our efforts matter, that we are making the life of someone we care about less difficult, more bearable, more enjoyable. We are taking care of family.

Because caregiving is a job, there is a right way to do it. That’s what “The Empowered Caregiver” is all about, helping you do it right. Most family members are thrown into caregiving without any orientation or training. They have to “hit the ground running” without a clue as to their duties. They have little understanding of the complex health care system they will have to navigate, the many challenges they will face. We want to change that. No caregiver should feel isolated, confused, and alone, not knowing what to do.

Education, guidance, and coaching from the caregiver’s perspective can make the difference. The right kind of support can empower family caregivers, helping them master their demanding jobs, and increase their capacity to care properly for their loved one, while also preserving their own mental and physical well being.

So be empowered! I look forward to visiting with you on these pages in the days, months, and years ahead. Saved Cancel Publish Changes

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